I am currently leading the Social Inclusion and Physical Rehabilitation squad at the department of Industrial Design. Within the context of this squad, about 30 BSc and MSc students conduct semester-long design or research projects.

The mission of the squad is to design interactive products and services that enhance social and physical rehabilitation, reintegration and wellbeing.Within the squad, we collaborate with several clients from industry, such as clinics, hospitals and care centers. Students combine technology, design skills and intimate subject knowledge into innovative concepts, prototypes or research contributions.


I’m currently involved in the following courses:


  • DDB200 – User Centered Design
  • 4WEU00 – Ideation and Preliminary Design


  • DDB140 – User Evaluation Methods
  • DDM170 – Community Xperience Design


Past courses:

  • DPB100 – Project 1 Design
  • DZC30 – Design for Games & Play III